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Please Help Support Waterloo East Theatre!

Waterloo East Theatre is an unsubsidised independent theatre that heavily relies on the financial support from our audiences buying tickets and theatre friends making donations to keep the theatre operating and provide excellent production standards for in-house productions and for visiting companies.


If you would like to contribute and have your name added to our theatre supporters list please click the donate button below.


To say Thank You we will include your name on our donations wall at the theatre and here on our online donations page, as well as include your name in all our in-house production programs.

If you are a Business or a Company and are willing to make a large donation or want to consider a sponsorship option, we will be happy to display your Logo in the theatre and on our website. Please contact us on for more details.

Also if you pay UK Income and/or Capital Gains Tax Waterloo East Theatre is able to claim Gift Aid and boost your donation by 25p for every £1.00 you donate and any donations you make in the future. Please remember to tick the Gift Aid box when making your donation.

Thank you!

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