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4 May 2019

Plothole Blackhole

by Andrew Armfield, Rob Emmett, Tristran Rogers and Jack Stanley,

A new work-in-progress musical

Three writers finally finish the novel they have been working on together, which is undoubtedly
(they think) the greatest work of fiction in the literary canon. However, there is one tiny problem: as
soon as they finish writing it, it vanishes from existence. To make things worse, every other work of
literature also begins to disappear - from Charles Dickens to William Shakespeare, Charlotte
Bronte to Dan Brown.


By enlisting the help of an unconventional professor, they are able to enter
the Literary Universe, the dimension in which every book ever written resides. Once there, it’s up to
them to save all of literature, and the world, from being destroyed.

In the high stakes, adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride that is literary fiction, will they make it out alive? Will
they remain friends? Will they find their novel, save the universe, and win the Man Booker Prize (or
at least be shortlisted for a Costa Book Award)?

Can't say. Spoilers.

With original score and songs, Plothole Blackhole is a funny, fast-paced musical from Massive
Toast Productions about dodgy fiction, alternate universes, and the question that literary critics
have always wanted answered:

How bad does a novel have to be to destroy the world?


Show Time: 7.30pm 
Running time approx. 60 mins with NO interval

There will be an Q & A after the show


£12  Booked in advance*

£15 On the door

Allocated seating

Strictly No Latecomers Admitted.

* Advance booking must be made before 9am 3 May 2019 

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